Acid pump

Насос для кислоты

How to pump acid in production?

Many technological processes in the food industry, mechanical engineering, pharmacy, chemical and light industries use acids in technological cycles. Dosing, pumping acids, storage, transportation of acids! All these cycles are associated with acid pumping by pumping equipment and acid pump. One example is the supply of acid to the yeast department of a distillery. When from warehouses you have to supply acid to the acid tank in the yeast preparation workshop - yeast wort. Effective for Acids H2SO4 sulfuric acid H2SO3 sulfurous acid HNO3 nitric acid H3PO4 phosphoric acid H2CO3 carbonic acid H2SiO3 silicic acid Other acids Interaction of acids with metals. As we can see from the previous example, for the interaction of acids with a metal, certain conditions must be met (in contrast to the reactions of acids with bases and basic oxides, which almost always take place). First, the metal must be sufficiently active (reactive) with respect to acids. For example, gold, silver, copper, mercury and some other metals with the release of hydrogen do not react with acids. Metals such as sodium, calcium, zinc - on the contrary - react very actively with the release of hydrogen gas and a large amount of heat. acid metal salt HCl + Hg = not formed 2 HCl 2 Na = 2 NaCl + H2¬ H2SO4 + Zn = ZnSO4 + H2¬ Our pumps pump various types of chemically active liquids, cavities, cracks and more