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Iindustrial pumps
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Drainage and manure pumps

Drainage and manure pumps

Submersible pumps submerged in water and capable of supplying water from great depths and to significant height.

Submersible pumps are designed to supply clean water from reservoirs, wells and wells, as well as for pumping water of varying degrees of pollution.

Submersible pumps used where water is at a depth of more than 8 m.

Many submersible pumps are equipped with float switches which, when the liquid level decreases below the limit rate, the unit is automatically turned off and turned on again when the set level is reached.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The main advantage of submersible pumps is the depth unattainable for other types of pumping equipment. water intake.
  • Easy to install, compact, quiet.
  • The disadvantages include a higher degree of maintenance complexity compared to surface pumps.

Submersible pumps for wells "

Downhole sand-resistant pumps Pedrollo 4SR

  • Consumption: up to 22.5 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 525 m.

Submersible pumps for wells "

Well pumps Wilo-Sub TWI 5, TWI 5-SE, TWI 5-SE PNP

  • Consumption: up to 5 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 60 m.

Submersible drainage pumps "

RIGHT submersible sewage pump

  • Consumption: up to 18 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 9.5 m.

Submersible pumps Wilo-Drain MTS for wastewater disposal

  • Consumption: up to 16 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 39 m.

Pressure units Wilo-DrainLift KH, TMP

  • Consumption: 10 m
  • Head: 11 m³ / hour

Submersible fecal pumps "

Drainage pumps WQ

  • Consumption: from 10 to 300 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 7 to 35 m.

Drainage pump WQK with cutting device

  • Consumption: from 25 to 70 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 7 to 10 m.

Sewage pumps Wilo EMU FA

  • Consumption: up to 690 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 95 m.
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Iindustrial pumps
Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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