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Semi-submersible pumps

Semi-submersible pumps

Well pumps are used for water supply systems of country houses and cottages, as well as for watering vegetable gardens, lawns and lawns. Well pumps are ideal for wells, as they provide water lifting from depths, which are inaccessible to centrifugal pumps, the depth is more than 9m. Compared to borehole pumps, well pumps have better cooling, they are less sensitive to solid particles contained in water.

It should be noted that, among other things, well pumps are equipped with a float switch, which excludes additional protection against "dry running".

In order to choose the right well pumps, you need to know the depth of water. On many suburban plots the source of water for the organization of irrigation and water supply of the house is a well. If the depth of the well is shallow, and the house is close, then you can get by with an inexpensive surface pump (the maximum suction depth of most surface pumps - 8m). However, if the distance from the surface of the earth to the surface of the water is more than 8 meters, then submersible pumps are used: well pumps.

The main parameters of well pumps that must be taken into account when choosing and installing a pump:

  • Distance from the ground to the water mirror;
  • Well performance (how much water will go away);
  • Pump performance that you need (estimated water consumption);
  • Number of water sampling points
  • Necessary pressure.

Well pumps /well pump
Automatic water supply to the house from a well

  • Well pump TWI 5
  • Pump control and protection device
  • Floating suction filter
  • Hydroaccumulator
  • Backwash filter

Well pumps "

»Well pumps for Wilo-Sub well TWI 5, TWI 5-SE, TWI 5-SE PNP (Germany)

  • Innings 5 m³ /h.
  • Pressure 60 m.
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Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
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