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Ebara pumps (Italy) are modern stainless steel centrifugal pumps with a series advantages over conventional cast iron pumps.

CorporationEbarawas established in Japan in 1912. In 1988 was formed Ebara SpA in Italy, and the restructuring of the plant into divisions began by installing high-tech machinery and equipment, and in 1992 the largest plant in Europe was officially opened for production of stainless steel pumps.

The company manufactures pumps using an innovative, patented plasma stamping method of stainless steel. This method allows you to obtain a smooth surface of the material of execution, which prevents loss of energy due to friction. All pumps are manufactured with a high level of functionality thanks to a complete quality control program that covers the entire production flow - from design to exit finished product. The production of Ebara pumps is fully robotized.

Ebara Pumps designed for pumping clean or slightly contaminated solid particles of water from basements, flooded rooms, ditches, pools and reservoirs. Thanks to existing float switch, Ebara drainage pumps operate in automatic mode. All Ebara Pumps equipped with built-in thermal motor protection.

Stainless steel pumps

Ebara stainless steel pumps are available in the following series: 3M, CD, CDX, 2CDX, DWO, LPS. They are designed to interact with clean water for general use. These models are resistant to oxidation, the formation of corrosion and rust. They are successfully used in water supply systems, water purification systems, in washing installations.

Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pumps manufactured by Ebara are presented in the following series: JE, JEX, JES, JESX, SWA. They are designed for interaction with clean water for general purposes. Available in cast iron or stainless steel, data models series serve as reliable solutions in various fields of application in water supply systems, irrigation, increasing pressure, drainage, etc.

Vertical pumps

Ebara vertical pumps are presented in the following series: CVM, EVM, HVM, MULTIGO. Made of cast iron or stainless steel, these models meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and are successfully used in household, industry, agriculture in water supply systems, fire extinguishing, water treatment, etc. They are characterized by almost silent operation.

Centrifugal pumps

Ebara centrifugal pumps are presented in the following series: CDA, CM, MD /MMD, ENR, LPC /LPCD (4). Models of this group are manufactured under strict control from high quality materials. Thanks to its characteristics, they are successfully used in everyday life, industry, agriculture in systems water supply, irrigation, heating, sinks, etc.

Multistage pumps

Ebara horizontal multistage pumps are available in the COMPACT and MATRIX series. During use these models achieve high head values. They have a wide range of applications: successfully used in pressure boosting systems, water treatment, hot /cold water supply, air conditioning, in washing installations, etc.

Submersible pumps

Ebara submersible pumps are presented in the series: DW-DW VOX, BEST ONE, BEST 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, RIGHT, OPTIMA, PERLA /KIKA, DR, DML, DMLV, DVS, DL, D. These models are designed to interact with pure and contaminated liquids. Designed for pumping water from flooded areas, for use in systems for the removal of fecal drainage waste.

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Iindustrial pumps
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Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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