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Pumps for home and cottage

Pumps for home and cottage

Household pumps - these are pumps for ensuring regular water supply and irrigation of suburban land plots, as well as for other household purposes:

Household pumps have several varieties, each of which corresponds to a specific purpose of their application. Today there are submersible domestic pumps, surface domestic pumps, automatic water pressure installations, as well as hand pumps.

All domestic pumps are characterized by such properties as low power and, accordingly, its low consumption. They are compact and easy to operate. A distinctive feature of electrically driven pumps is that they have a two-phase electric motor, which allows it to be used in residential and summer cottages premises, in household plots powered by 220 V AC.


Pool pumps

Motor pumps

To increase the pressure

Fountain pumps

Drainage pumps

Surface pumps

Semi-submersible pumps

Borehole pumps

Water supply stations

It is difficult to imagine modern human life without the use of pumps. Each of us at least once in our life with them enjoyed. Domestic water pumps are used to solve specific problems. The most common are:
• Pumping water from the flooded premises;
• Water supply from the well to ensure normal water supply;
• Increase of low pressure in the water supply networks;
• Filling a small lake or pool with water.
This is far from the whole a list of operations for which water pumps are used, but in everyday life without them it is simply impossible get along.
• Our store is ready to help you with the choice of high-quality and affordable pump. In order to make a purchase, decide on the function that your future pump will perform and only then purchase it. In our assortment you will find water pumps from the following world manufacturers:
• "Aquatica"
• "LEO"
The specialists of our online store will provide you with detailed
consultations and help to make the right choice. Buy a pump for a house, a water supply pump, a pump for wells, well pump, irrigation pump, drainage pump, water pump, pumping station. Pump spare parts, service center, bit pump repair, irrigation pump spare parts, drainage spare parts. Aquatica service center, LEO, Dongyin repair service. Rivne, street Soborna 446 "Electric pumps"


Automatic water supply to the house from a well using a pumping station

Submersible installation. Automatic water supply to the house from a well

Domestic pumps are designed for domestic water supply systems (to maintain water pressure in houses and apartments) for work on personal plots, are used in sprinkler irrigation systems, for water supply with suction from reservoirs, in other household water supply systems, small-sized industrial, and for agricultural purposes.

Household pumps have excellent suction capacity, even in the presence of air bubbles.

Some models are equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure gauge, power cable and three-way brass sleeve.

Household pumps "

Household self-priming pumps

Self-priming centrifugal pumps Wilo WJ

  • Head: 40 m,
  • Consumption: 3 m³ / h,
Stainless Steel GTP Centrifugal Pumps

  • Head: from 1.2 to 12 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: from 14 to 38 m.
Centrifugal surface pumps CDX, 2CDX

  • Head: up to 15 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 38 m.

Domestic wastewater pumps

RIGHT submersible sewage pump

  • Head: up to 18 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 9.5 m.
Submersible pumps Wilo-Drain MTS for wastewater disposal

  • Head: up to 16 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 39 m.
Pressure units Wilo-DrainLift KH, TMP

  • Head: 10 m
  • Consumption: 11 m³ / hour

Household pumps for wells, wells

Downhole sand-resistant pumps Pedrollo 4SR

  • Head: up to 22.5 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 525 m.
Well pumps Wilo-Sub TWI 5, TWI 5-SE, TWI 5-SE PNP

  • Head: up to 5 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 60 m.

Domestic pumping stations

Pumping station Wilo-Jet HWJ with a hydraulic accumulator

  • Head: up to 5 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 40 m.
Speroni pumping stations

  • Head: up to 3.6 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 62 m.
Pump station SILVER 100 / 24C

  • Head: up to 3.6 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 45 m.

Domestic pumps for heating systems

Circulation pumps for heating systems and underfloor heating Wilo Star-RS

  • Head: up to 5.7 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: from 2 to 8 m.
PB booster pump

  • Head: up to 3.6 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: up to 62 m.
Circulation pumps GHN, GHNM three-speed

  • Head: from 3 to 28 m³ / hour.
  • Consumption: from 3 to 12 m.
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