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How to choose a pump for water supply to a summer cottage or a private house?

Devices for a summer residence or a cottage are constantly in demand - with them bathing, washing dishes and much more is much more convenient other. Professionals advise: when thinking about which pump to choose, pay attention to the depth of the water. If a it does not exceed 8 meters, the easiest way is to use a self-priming device.

If a storage tank or water tank has already been prepared, the method for selecting such a pump is simple. Everything, that will be needed for its operation - this is the installation of a sensor in the tank, which will monitor the water level and not give a capacity overflow.

Experts note: in case of an emergency excess of water, the tank must be equipped with an overflow branch pipe. All these conditions are met in self-priming devices from Grundfos and other manufacturers with world renown.

In what cases is it necessary to select a pumping station and how to choose a pumping station?

If you need a water supply at a higher pressure than the self-priming pump can provide, or there is enough space for piping from the storage tank to plumbing items, it is recommended to apply this apparatus together with a membrane tank.

Self-priming pumps installed on such a tank and equipped with a pressure switch are called pumping stations. With them all water heaters will work productively, and in case of problems with electricity, there are good the possibility of a reserve stock of water. The choice of a pumping station for a summer residence can be carried out in conjunction with a specialist, taking into account all available conditions. Despite the impressive name, the unit is compact - it can easily be carried by one person.

When thinking about which pumping station to choose for use outside the home - for example, to take water from well - you should also pay attention to the depth of the water. If the same 8 meters are not exceeded - here you can use the same device as inside the house.

How to choose a submersible pump for a well - only a professional who has figured out all the features will give the final advice specifically for your case. But the choice of a submersible water pump for a well must include a mandatory item. The device must be reliably protected from "dry running" in case the water level falls below the water intake level.

Having chosen where to buy a pumping station and which model to prefer, you need to think over the conditions for its operation. So, for winter water intake, it is necessary to additionally insulate the pipes going from the well to the living quarters, and sometimes - and the well itself.

How to choose a deep well pump?

If water of proper quality is located at a depth of more than 8 meters, a more complex device must be selected. - deep submersible borehole pump.

The question of how to choose a pump for a well should be finally decided only with a specialist. Well selection the pump must be based on the technical documentation for it. The diameter of the well will be important here - it should not be much exceed the pump diameter.

Due to the presence of Grundfos and other well-known manufacturers on the Russian market, the choice of a pump for the well is greatly facilitated. Experts are sure: today everyone can choose a device that suits exactly to his needs, that is, supplying the optimal amount of cubic meters of water per hour.

How to choose a circulation pump for heating?

"How to choose a circulation pump" - this query is no less popular than the query "How to choose a pump for a well". Heating technicians say: the program for the selection of pumps for heating depends on the needs of the operated building for warmer during the coldest season. As a rule, the selection of a circulation pump from such a well-known a manufacturer such as Grundfos can be implemented according to European heating regulations.

The specific heat consumption is taken into account - this indicator is repelled in order to find out the required device performance. The choice of a circulation pump for heating should be based on one more of its property. This is the ability of the apparatus to create pressure that can overcome the resistance of the network.

How do you choose a drainage pump?

The choice of a drainage pump is based on its ability to clean rooms and areas from groundwater, silt deposits and dirt. For this, Grundfos and other brands of pumping equipment equip the device with a so-called float.

Such a float serves not only as a sensor that regulates the operation of the pump. It protects the device from "dry running" in that if the sediment has already peeled off from the bottom and was completely pumped out together with the contaminated water.

The choice of a centrifugal pump for drainage is not so difficult - for this it is enough to consult a specialist, which will tell you about its properties in an accessible language.

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