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Booster pumps

Booster pumps

Pressure boosting pumps are necessary in situations where the consumer does not receive sufficient pressure on the site of the house, cottage ,or at work due to the remoteness of the object from the point of central water supply or due to violations of engineering standards and regulations, narrowed pipelines, or increased consumption or parsing of water or other process fluids .

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Booster pumps designed for a slight increase in pressure in the existing water supply network (for example, before entering an instantaneous water heater, washing machine or dishwasher). Horizontal and vertical multistage booster pumps are used to increase pressure in water supply systems, ensuring the circulation of liquid in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water treatment systems, increasing pressure in technological processes. The built-in flow sensor switches the pump on and off automatically. Small dimensions and weight, "in-line" design allows the pump to be mounted directly on pipelines. Low noise level allows the pump to be installed directly in the house or apartment.

Vertical booster pumps "

Vertical booster pumps

CDLF Series Multistage Pumps
  • Consumption: from 1 to 22 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 12 to 230 m.
MVI vertical high pressure pumps
  • Consumption: from 3 to 120 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 130 to 240 m.
High pressure glandless pumps MVIS
  • Consumption: from 1 to 14 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 20 to 110 m.

Horizontal booster pumps "

Horizontal booster pumps

Horizontal high pressure pumps MHI
  • Consumption: from 5 to 25 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 25 to 70 m.
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Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
Mechanical sealsMechanical seals
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