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Automatic control device for one three-phase pump STANDARD AKN-1 (hereinafter referred to as the device) is a complex device with a microprocessor control unit.

  • The connection and commissioning of the device must be carried out by experienced specialists. with similar devices. In the absence of such, it is advisable to contact a specialist the company that sold the device.
  • Before starting installation and commissioning of the device, carefully read this instruction manual.


    The device is designed for automatic control and protection against emergency modes of one three-phase pump in systems:
      water supply from wells and wells;
      pressure increase;
      hot water supply;
      drainage and drainage.
    The STANDARD AKN-1 (ST) device enables the pump to be switched on by direct start (according to the Y /∆ scheme (with regulation switching time)).
    The STANDARD AKN-1 device is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications TU U 33.3-30780533-003-2006.


Depending on the power of the connected pump, the STANDARD AKN-1 device has the following modifications, given in the table

Device name Power of the connected pump, kW
STANDARD AKN-1-5.5 (ST) 5.5
STANDARD AKN-1-7.5 (ST) 7.5
STANDARD AKN-1-11.0 (ST) 11.0
STANDARD AKN-1-15.0 (S /ST) 15.0
STANDARD AKN-1-18.5 (S /ST) 18.5
STANDARD AKN-1-22.0 (S /ST) 22.0
STANDARD AKN-1-30.0 (S /ST) 30.0
STANDARD AKN-1-37.0 (S /ST) 37.0
STANDARD AKN-1-45.0 (S /ST) 45.0
STANDARD AKN-1-55.0 (ST) 55.0
STANDARD AKN-1-75.0 (ST) 75.0
STANDARD AKN-1-90.0 (ST) 90.0
STANDARD AKN-1-110.0 (ST) 110.0
STANDARD AKN-1-132.0 (ST) 132.0
Note - The pump start-up scheme is specified when ordering.

Structurally, the device is made in the form of a metal cabinet, hinged, with a door, on which controls and indicators are located.

Pump control devices AKN

Equipped with modern dedicated microprocessor controllers providing wide functionality and variety of different algorithms for the operation of controlled pumping equipment. Pump automation of AKN series provides reliable pump control and comprehensive protection against emergency modes, thereby significantly extending the life of the pumping equipment.

    Pump control devices AKN series can be successfully used in automatic control systems:
      Water supply pumps from artesian wells
      Pressure boosting pumps
      Circulation pumps for heating and hot water supply
      Sewer pumps.
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