Electrolyte pump. Disposal of batteries, pumping out electrolyte

Насос для электролита

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps for evacuating electrolyte from accumulators and feeding into a Eurocube-diaphragm pneumatic pump and peristaltic.

Both types of pumps are self-priming, not afraid of dry running, made of acid-resistant materials, can pump liquids with solid inclusions, do not have mechanical seals, i.e. they can be called hermetic, which is important when pumping aggressive liquids such as acid solutions. A distinctive feature of these types of pumps is the pulsating flow at the outlet, but when a pulsation damper is installed on the pressure pipeline, pulsations are significantly reduced.

Насос для электролита Насос для электролита

It is important to understand that to use a diaphragm pneumatic pump, you need compressed air in sufficient quantity, with a pressure of at least 2 bar. The maximum air pressure for the pneumatic diaphragm pump is 7 bar. In addition, pneumatic diaphragm pumps can be considered mobile, because they have low weight and dimensions.