Mechanical seals of Calpeda pumps N4, NM4, AS.

Seal type U3-X6X62V6 d32 art. 16006890000 - for pumps N 32-125A/A, N 32-160A/A, N 32-200A/A, N 40-125A/A, N 40-160A/A, N 40-200A/A, N 40-250A/A, N 50-125A/A, N 50-160A/A, N 50-200A/A, N 50-250A/A, N 50M-E/A, N 50M-D/A, N 50M-C/A, N 65-125A/A, N 65-160A/A, N 65-200A/A, N 80-160A/A, AS 65-150C/A, AS 65-150B/A, AS 65-150A/A.

Seal type U3-X6X62V6 D40 art. 16005350000 – for pumps N 65-250A, N4 65-315A, N 80-200A, N 80-250A, N4 80-315A, N 100-200A, N 100-250A, N4 100-315A, N4 125-250A.

Seal type U2-X6GV6 d50 art. 16001650000 – for pumps Calpeda NM4 125/400, NM4 150/400, N4 80-400A, N4 100-400A, N4 125-315A, N4 125-400A, N4 150-315A, N4 150-400A.

Decryption of sealing materials:

6 - NBR rubber (nitrile butadiene rubber), for oils and neutral media

7 - EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene rubber), for hot water and steam, alcohols, in contact with food and beverages

Y - Viton rubber (fluoro rubber), for mineral oils and fats, acidic media.

5 - PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, fluoroplast) exceptional chemical resistance.

4 - PTFE ((Polytetrafluoroethylene, fluoroplast) with filler- for chemically aggressive media.

V – Carbon Graphite (Car)

Z - Carbon graphite subjected to coking (Car)

G - Stainless steel AISI 431

H - Stainless steel AISI 304

X - Stainless steel AISI 316

3 - Solid alloy of integral structure, corrosion-resistant, surfaced

R - Tungsten Carbide TC

9 - Ceramics, steatite

2 - Ceramics, aluminum oxide 99.5% (Cer)

E - Special spring steel for oil, temperatures over 100°C

J - Stellite surfacing on 316 stainless steel

L – Hastelloy (Hastelloy®)

K – silicon carbide (Sic).