Separation of sunflower and rapeseed oil foots into a HAUS decanter .

The BTS Engineering company offers decanter centrifuges for processing sunflower and rapeseed foots, which contains 25% of dry goods – it is a precipitate that is formed during the production of vegetable oil. The basis of the non-fat complex of sunflower foots are phospholipids, protein and mucous substances of the starting oil. Sunflower foots has a high nutritional and energy value, it is processed at a temperature of 30 70 C

We propose to divide the foots obtained during production in order to obtain a dehydrated cake, feed and filtrate with a minimum content of suspended solids for further purification.

The quality of the filtrate after the centrifuge based on the above input parameters:

The solid content in the filtrate (separated oil) at the output is 0.5 - 0.3 % of DS

Separation of sunflower and rapeseed oil foots into a HAUS decanter .

Sunflower or rapeseed foots are secondary product that appears in the manufacture of unrefined sunflower or rapeseed oil. It is often used in chemical and feed mills. Fats are isolated from the foots, which are used in the production of drying oil.

The product is rich in fats and proteins. Therefore, it is part of the feed that makes up the daily diet of animals and birds. This supplement has a positive effect on the reproductive function, strengthens the immune system, improves growth and quality