Submersible sewage pump.

Насос погружной канализационный

Submersible sewage pump.

Pump for a septic tank, cesspool. Pump for sewage stations, for draining wastewater to the central waste system. Pump for sewage treatment plants.

When selecting a pump for wastewater, sewage stations, cesspools, septic tanks, domestic water treatment plants, you need to contact our engineer for the selection of equipment.

Selection of a sewage pump, a pump for a septic tank, a drain pump, a fecal pump. Model and parameters depend on the following factors:

  • Working hours;
  • Gear cutting wheels;
  • Sewage pump with cutting impeller;
  • Pumping medium;
  • Installation type;
  • Pump characteristics, head and volume of liquid that is pumped;
  • Mains supply voltage;
  • Protection of the pump network and automation to ensure pump on and off modes.