Thermal oil pump for bitumen heating station

Насос термомасла

Long-term storage of the bitumen mass or the need to pour it from the bitumen storage into a tank truck means bringing the mixture into a liquid state, when the bitumen can be easily pumped over with a pump without harming the physicochemical properties of the building material. The most economical and rational way is the use of a heat carrier - thermal oil, capable of receiving and giving off a large amount of thermal energy.

Thermal oil is pumped by a circulation pump at a temperature of 250 C

The thermal oil heated to a high temperature circulates along the entire circuit of the heat exchanger, transferring part of the heat to the bitumen, thereby maintaining its density and viscosity at a certain level, regulated by the standards and regulations for storing bitumen mass.

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The design feature of the pump for thermal oil is the removal of the bearing assembly and the seal in the cooling chamber. Our company offers pumps for thermal oil with subsequent maintenance and supply of spare parts. Mechanical seals and special bearings for the pump shaft.

Our design engineers will help you choose a thermal oil pump for a bitumen heating station.