The end seal of the KSB Multitec RO MTC A 32/ 8A-2.1 10.81 pump.

High pressure pumps Multitec KSB - multifunctional, reliable, with low positive suction head. Structurally - multistage centrifugal sectional pump, vertical or horizontal installation, with a closed radial impeller with spatially curved blades.

Types of seals:

-Mechanical seal with secondary belows seal, non-compensated hydraulically U3BEGG EPDM 61 (RGM13).

- Mechanical seal hydraulically compensated

Q1Q1VGG FPM - 163 (5B), 63 (H7N) ,

Q1Q1VGG EPDM- 43 (57B),

AQ1EGG, Q1AEGG EPDM - 164 (5B), 64 (H7N),

BQ1EGG, Q1BE4GG EPDM- 167 (5B), 67 (H7N)


AQ1EGG, Q1AEGG EPDM- 181 (5B), 42 (57B), 81 (H7N)

Q12Q1VGG FPM-53 (HJ977GN)

AQ1VGG,Q1AVGG FPM - 155 (5B), 45 (57BBO), 55 (H7N)


AQ1V5GG EPDM 88 (H75N).

-Mechanical seal with secondary belows seal, non-compensated hydraulically U3U3VGG FPM 68 (MG13-G60, MG1S4-G4).

-Mechanical seal compensated hydraulically U2U2VGG, U3U3VGG FPM 168 (5B), 68 (H7N).

-Mechanical seal non-compensated hydraulically

AQ1VMM FPM 80 (MG12-G6),

Q1AVMM FPM 82 (M7N),

Q1Q1VMM FPM 83 (MG12-G6).

-With barrier liquid inflow AQ1AEGG EPDM AQ1EGG, Q1AEGG EPDM 171 (5B), 71 (H7N).

-Double mechanical seal in "tandem" location

AQ1EGG, Q1AEGG EPDM 172 (5B/5B), 72 (H7N/H7N),

AQ1VGG, Q1AVGG FPM 174 (5B/5B), 74 (H7N/ H7N).

-Double mechanical seal in a back-to-back arrangement

AQ1EGG, Q1AEGG EPDM 173 (5B/5B), 73 (H7N/H7N),

AQ1VGG, Q1AVGG FPM 175 (5B/5B), 75 (H7N/H7N).

-Cartridge mechanical seal - hydraulically compensated mechanical seal

AQ1EMG EPDM 92 (Cartex SN6),

Q1Q1VMG FPM 93 (Cartex SN6),

AQ1VMG FPM 95 (Cartex SN6).

Materials used:

A-Carbon graphite impregnated with antimony; B-Carbon graphite impregnated with artificial resins; Q1-Silicon carbide, monolith, sintered without pressure; Q12- Silicon carbide, shrinkage, sintered without pressure; U2- Tungsten carbide bonded with nickel (monolith); U3-Tungsten carbide bonded with NiCrMo; E-Ethylene Propylene rubber; E4-Ethylene Propylene rubber of peroxide vulcanization; V- Fluorocarbon rubber; V5 Fluorocarbon rubber, for example, Viton (Shore 90); M - Hastelloy G Chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel.