Irrigation pump driven by a power take-off shaft for a hose-drum sprinkler machine

Irrigation pump driven by a power take-off shaft for a hose-drum sprinkler machine

The working position of the elements of the set of the hose-drum sprinkler machine provides:

  • the installation of a tractor-towed chassis with a hose wound on a drum at the hydrant of the pressure pipeline, which is connected to the pump
  • the unwinding the hose by dragging it with a tractor and laying it on the irrigation site in the sprinkling zone.
  • the installation of a platform trolley with a sprinkler at the end of the moistened irrigation zone.
  • the connecting the sprinkler to the hose and connecting the hose to the hydrant of the irrigation system.
  • the supply of irrigation water to the water supply hose and the inclusion of the sprinkler in operation (watering).
  • as watering proceeds, the hose is automatically wound at a certain speed on a drum driven by a turbine hydraulic drive (under the pressure of water coming from a pump to a hydraulic turbine or by means of a separate winding mechanism driven by a tractor.
  • under the force transmitted to the hose during its winding, the trolley with the sprinkler moves in the direction of the hydrant, thanks to which a strip of agricultural land is watered with a width of 30 to 90 meters and a length of up to 300 to 600 meters or more, depending on the model and size of the hose-drum set of the sprinkler machine.

Judging by the technology of work on the irrigation site, the hose-drum sprinkler device, the hose-drum device of rain irrigation to varying degrees refers to sprinkler installations and sprinkler machines. Due to the lack of its own propulsion for moving from one irrigation site to another and the need to use a self-propelled mechanism separate from the device when installing the sprinkler in the initial working position, the sprinkler (rain irrigation) under consideration refers to sprinkler installations. And on the basis of the presence of its own means for moving the sprinkler on the irrigation site during the irrigation process, this sprinkler can be attributed to sprinkler machines.

To date, a significant number of various domestic and imported designs and standard sizes of hose-drum sprinklers have been developed, some of which are discussed below.

This circumstance determines the possibility of using synonymous use of terms in the subsequent presentation: "hose sprinkler", "hose drum sprinkler", "hose drum unit" and (or)"hose drum sprinkler machine".