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Monoblock Pumps

Monoblock pumps have a fairly wide range of applications: ensuring the circulation of liquid in heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation, pressure increase in water supply systems, fire extinguishing systems.
Monoblock centrifugal pumps are characterized by axial suction and radial discharge, i.e. fluid flow enters the pump is in the direction coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the shaft, and is retracted (pumped) perpendicular (radial) to her.
Monoblock pumps in stainless steel, cast iron or bronze.

Monoblock pumps "

Stainless Steel GTP Centrifugal Pumps
  • Consumption: from 1.2 to 12 m³ /hour.
  • Head: from 14 to 38 m.
Centrifugal pumps SM made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Consumption: from 3 to 72 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 55 m.
Centrifugal surface pumps CDX, 2CDX
  • Consumption: up to 15 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 38 m.

DWO open impeller pumps
  • Consumption: up to 66 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 17 m.
Self-priming centrifugal pumps Wilo WJ
  • Head: 40 m,
  • Consumption: 3 m³ /h
Horizontal high pressure pumps MHI
  • Consumption: up to 25 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 70 m.

IR SAER pumps for water supply and circulation
  • Head: up to 100 m.
  • Consumption: up to 275 m³ /hour.
JLM cast iron hot water pumps
  • Consumption: from 4 to 70 m³ /hour.
  • Head: from 9 to 20 m.
SAER FC centrifugal pumps with two impellers
  • Head: up to 96 m.
  • Consumption: up to 18 m³ /hour.

Ebara 3M Series Centrifugal Pumps
  • Consumption: up to 100 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 80 m.
Hermetic pumps with magnetic drive FMB
  • Consumption: 15 to 70 l /min.
  • Head: max. up to 8 m.
Milk pumps TEH
  • Consumption: up to 220 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 80 m.

ZENNF food pumps
  • Consumption: up to 30 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 50 m.
Monoblock surface pumps Speroni CS
  • Consumption: up to 240 m³ /hour.
  • Head: up to 92 m.
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