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Frequency inverter Hyundai N700

One of the advantages of Hyundai frequency converters is the vector method of motor control.

Advantages of using a variable frequency drive.

  • Energy savings from 30 to 60%.
  • The elimination of water hammer, allows you to dramatically increase the service life of pipelines and valves.
  • Absence of large starting currents, full protection of electric motors of pumping units, operation of electric motors and starting equipment with reduced load, which significantly increases the service life of electric motors
  • Significant water savings by optimizing network pressure and reducing pipeline ruptures.
  • The ability to fully automate pumping stations.

Enhanced sensorless vector control when ultra low speed

  • High quality control on all devices due to improved torque characteristics at low speeds
  • Sensorless vector control: 200% or more at 0.5Hz

Excellent performance in terms of speed and torque

  • Improving the torque characteristic index minimizes the speed deviation when the load changes, (quick response to sudden load changes is achieved)
  • Enhanced torque limiting function protects the device against unexpected external load changes

Expansion of the multi-speed control function

  • There is a possibility of a three-step setting of the acceleration deceleration time

Advanced auto-tuning in online /offline
Improved DC braking function

  • Improved braking performance on stop command due to improved DC braking function

External brake control function for elevator

  • When using an external brake for elevators, reliable and accurate control of all parameters is ensured

High quality output voltage and current

  • Even when the input voltage changes, the automatic voltage regulator function maintains stability output voltage to the motor

IGBT temperature control function

  • Checking and displaying the temperature of the IGBT (main part of the inverter)
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Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
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