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Circulating pumps

Circulating pumps provide water circulation in heating and hot water supply systems (DHW), therefore they are called circulating.

Circulating pumps have low power consumption, small dimensions and operate silently. Circulating pumps with variable capacity, designed for use in heating systems closed and open type.

Application area:

  • coolant circulation in heating and hot water supply systems;
  • circulation of the floor heating system;
  • circulation of the cooling and air conditioning system.

Types of circulation pumps:

  • Dry rotor pumps:

Dry Rotor Circulation Pumps - cantilever, monoblock and In-line pumps. Insulation the pump housing /shaft from the liquid is achieved by means of a stuffing box or mechanical seal. Unlike pumps with wet rotor, in these pumps the liquid does not come into contact with the motor.

  • Wet rotor pumps:

Wet rotor circulating pumps provides forced circulation. At the "wet" pump the rotor together with the impeller is immersed in the pumped liquid. It lubricates the shaft bearings and at the same time cools the motor. The tightness of the live part of the engine is ensured by a separator sleeve, made of stainless non-magnetic steel.

If you still have questions, ask our specialists by phone, e-mail [email protected] or in chat (in the lower right corner of the screen). Circulation pumps with delivery across Ukraine.

Glandless circulation pumps "

Circulation pumps WILO TOP-S
  • Consumption: from 4 to 130 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 4 to 18 m.
Circulation pump LPA
  • Consumption: from 8.7 to 15 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 8 to 19 m.
PB booster pump
  • Consumption: from 0 to 5 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 7 to 20 m.
Circulation pumps Wilo Star-RS
  • Consumption: up to 5.7 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 2 to 8 m.
DAB BPH circulating pumps
  • Consumption: from 1.5 to 78 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 18 m.

Dry rotor circulation pumps "

JL Flanged Pumps
  • Consumption: from 4 to 105 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 9 to 22 m.
Pumps with dry rotor made of IRG cast iron
  • Consumption: from 11 to 400 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 12 to 80 m.
IHG stainless steel dry rotor pumps
  • Consumption: from 11 to 400 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 12 to 80 m.
Special IPH pumps for heat transfer oil
  • Temperature: from -10 ° C to + 350 ° C
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Iindustrial pumps
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