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Rover BE-T pumps


The series of these pumps has found wide application in agriculture and the processing industry. Fast installation, connection, connection and ready to work. Small size and light weight.

The most important thing is RELIABILITY!

For the solution of industrial and domestic needs - the choice is behind this series. You need to supply water, fill containers for irrigation or fertilization? There is a solution - Rover BE-T! For fuels and lubricants - the pump is not fits!

We provide an extended warranty for the Rover BE-T series pumps. Contact the sales department and our managers will make a selection of pumps and offer you products at the best prices.

Bronze pumps - reliable and unpretentious, make your choice Rover BE-T

Article Model L / h D mm HP W Hmax (m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.
140,000 BE-T 25 2500 25 0.6 420 12 1450 230x120h190 6 To order
170,000 BE-T 30 5000 thirty 1.0 650 15 1450 310x150h210 7 To order
180,000 BE-T 40 6500 40 1.2 800 15 1450 320x150h210 12 To order
220,000 BE-T 50 15000 fifty 3.0 2100 25 1450 400x170h240 22 To order
Iindustrial pumps
Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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