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Vortex high pressure pumps PQ 3000 (Pedrollo)


Vortex pumps PQ 3000designed for pumping clean water without content in it abrasive particles, as well as liquids that are non-aggressive in their chemical composition.

These pumps received the name "vortex" due to the presence of a rather impressive number of radial blades located on the periphery of the impeller, through which energy is transferred to the pumped liquids.
These pumps are characterized by excellent self-priming ability or, in other words, to they do not need to be pre-filled with the pumped liquid in the suction pipe. Besides, vortex pumps are compact in size, highly efficient and easy to use.

Depending on the design and operational features of a particular series, vortex pumps Pedrollo is widely used in everyday life, industry and other areas of our life.


  • maximum water pressure: up to 160 m;
  • productivity: up to 3 m³ /hour;
  • power: 2.2 kW;
  • diameter of the connected branch pipe: ¾ ";
  • voltage: 230/400 V - 50 Hz;
  • maximum liquid temperature: 90 ° С;
  • maximum ambient temperature: 40 ° С;
  • weight: 19 kg.
  • liquid temperature from -10 ° С to +90 ° С;
  • ambient temperature from -10 ° С to +40 ° С;
  • maximum pressure in the case: 18 bar;
  • manometric pump suction head up to 8 m;
  • continuous work S1.
Технические характеристики насоса PQ 3000 Вихревые насосы PQ3000

Constructional characteristics of the PQ 3000 pump:

  1. pump body: cast iron, threaded branch pipes ISO 228/1;
  2. pump housing cover:brass with stainless steel front insert;
  3. support: aluminum with brass and stainless steel front insert prevents jamming of the impeller after long periods of inactivity;
  4. Working wheel:bronze, with peripheral radial blades;
  5. drive shaft:stainless steel EN 10088-3 - 1.4104;
  6. mechanical seal: ceramics - graphite - NBR;
  7. electric motor: silent motor, closed type with external ventilation, designed for continuous operation, PQ 3000: three-phase 230/400 V - 50 Hz;
  8. insulation: class F;
Вихревые насосы PQ3000 Вихревые насосы PQ3000
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Mechanical seals
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