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Wilo-Drain TSW stainless steel submersible pump


Drainage pumps Wilo-Drain TSW

suitable for fully automatic work in stationary conditions. For mobile use, to a hose of the appropriate length is connected to the pressure connection; in case of stationary use - pipeline.

  • Odor-free, clean pits thanks to patented twister (TMW)
  • Built-in float switch ensures pump autonomous operation
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Shock-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Possibility of pumping water with a temperature of 90 ° C (up to 3 minutes)
  • The electric motor has a cooling jacket with built-in thermal overload protection
  • Maximum particle size in water up to 10 mm
  • Discharge connection with Rp 1¼ "female thread
  • Electrical connection: 1 ~ 230V, 50 Hz
  • Cable length 10 m


  • For pumping clean or slightly contaminated water
    • from tanks, mines or pits
    • when flooded
    • for draining water from slopes to basements and basements
  • from the household area (water from washing machines, soap lye)
  • from small fountains, waterfalls or streams


For instance:

Wilo-Drain TSW 32/11 ATS- pumps for dirty water with turbid device

W- with a swirler

32- nominal diameter of the discharge pipe

/eleven- max. delivery head [m]

A- with float switch

Performance charts

Pump type Power Consumption Pressure
[kW] [m3/hour] [m]
TSW 32/8 A 0.3 6.0 5.5
TSW 32/11 A 0.6 8.0 7.0
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