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ZCD food pumps designed for pumping foodstuffs (up to 1500 cP), products with solid particles (up to 60% solid particles and 40% water) up to 100 mm in diameter.

For example: whole olives in water or brine, fish, potatoes, mixes. Pumps are used in food, chemical, petrochemical and cellulose industries. In addition, ZCD food pumps are used in UPB pumping systems for delicate product transfer.

ZCD food pumpscan be used with large workloads or large volumes (up to 1,200,000 l /h), for pumping liquids with large solid particles.


  • productivity up to 1200 m³ /hour;
  • delivery height up to 30m;
  • Max. diameter of solid particles in suspensions 70mm;
  • Max. fluid viscosity 1000 cp;
  • material: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316;
  • impeller: screw-shaped (single /double);
  • nipple: DIN 11851 (standard ZCD15-55), FL UNI 2277 (standard ZCD100-200), others on request;
  • motor: 4 to 10 poles / I.Cl.F-IP55 - 400 /690V - three phase - 50Hz.


  • products with solid particles (olives, fish, potatoes);
  • juices;
  • oils.
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ZCD Series Pumps

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Food pumps ZCD 100

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Food pumps ZCD 200

Performance Characteristics of ZCD 1000 RPM Food Pump

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Performance Characteristics of ZCD 1450 RPM Food Pump

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