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Peristaltic pumps AS


Principle of operation

The pump housing contains a highly flexible hose with flanges at both ends. Flanges attached to suction and discharge pipelines of the system. A rotor with two rollers is installed on the shaft, located on opposite sides of the rotor. As a result of the rotation of the rotor, the rollers are completely squeeze the hose and the product in the hose is pushed forward. Suction begins after how, after compression, the hose resumes its cylindrical shape.

The advantage of the AS peristaltic pumps is that the only part in contact with the product is the hose. This design of the AS series peristaltic pump avoids the use of seal in the pump. The surface of the hose must be lubricated with silicone grease.


  • Working pressure - up to 3 bar;
  • Flow rate - up to 2.5 m³ /hour;
  • Self-priming ability,height suction up to 9.5 m;
  • Dry running capability;
  • Reversible rotation;
  • Possibility of replacing the hose without disassembling the pump;
  • Ease of cleaning and sterilization;
  • The pumped liquid does not come into contact with mechanical parts;
  • Ease of customization;
  • Only the hose is worn out;
  • Easy maintenance, low cost and short time just me;
  • Does not require expensive auxiliary equipment: the design does not includes seals, ball valves, diaphragms, oil seals, submersible rotors, stators or pistons that may leak, clog or rust;
  • Silicone hose lubricant required;
  • Easy to operate and maintain;
  • Do not leak, pump the same volume for turnover.

Execution materials

Pump housing:Aluminium alloy

Rotor:Aluminium alloy

Rollers:nylon / aluminum alloy

Connections:stainless steel


Hoses are available in various designs and materials, depending on the required application.

Рабочие характеристики AS

Application of the peristaltic pump

Water treatment
With the help of pumping equipment, the press filters are powered, milk of lime is dosed, bacteriological sediment is transported.

Production paper and cardboard
Transportation of extraction solutions, various adhesives, titanium dioxide, pumping contaminated water, resin, sludge, etc.

Construction branch
Peristaltic pumps are successfully used for pumping finishing solutions and concreting, trawling mules, supplying extractants, pumping adhesives, sediments and etc.

Agricultural sector
Transport of materials for the production of wines, wine sediments, vegetable pulp, potato processing waste, process fluids, waste and etc.

Chemical industry
Hose pumps can be used for pumping wastewater with suspended particles, alkalis, acid supply, transport of chalk solutions, etc.

Treatment metal surfaces
Transportation of chemicals in the electroplating process metal processing, etching and degreasing of various surfaces. Pumping of various oils is allowed, solvents, detergents, etc.

Nuclear power
Pumping liquid waste from nuclear power plants.

Food industry
Pumping dairy and other food products.

Pharmaceutical industry
Pumping and dosing of pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetic industry
Pumping and dosing of cosmetic products.

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