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Rover NOVAX B pumps for hot liquids


Used in private and large breweries. Capable of pumping cold hot liquids that are needed in the production process. The design of the vortex pump is very simple, allows you to pump liquids without inclusion and not high viscosity.

Thanks to its stainless steel housing, the Rover NOVAX B brewery pump is used for products in including for water. Sometimes they can be used in vulture systems to flush equipment.

The maximum temperature of the pumped liquid is 95 degrees.

Power cable 1.5 m long.

Article Model L / h D mm HP W Hmax (m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.
964000 NOVAX 20 B 1700 20 0.5 340 15 2850 230x120h190 five To order
800000B NOVAX 20 B 400 20 0.6 420 five 1450 230x120h190 6 To order
939000 NOVAX 25 B 2400 25 0.9 650 8 1450 250x120h190 12 To order
938000 NOVAX 30 B 5000 thirty 1.2 1000 8 1450 310x150h210 15 To order
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Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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