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Rover NOVAX Oil Pumps


A line of vortex pumps for pumping liquid substances with different aggressiveness. Pumping housing The parts are made of neutral materials that do not react with the pumped product. It can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, dairy and cosmetic industries.

The pump provides self-priming from a depth of 4 m, using a check valve up to 9 m.

The main purpose of the Rover NOVAX Oil vortex pump is to pump vegetable oils, synthetic oils, weak solutions of acids and alkalis.

Article Model L / h D mm HP Hmax (m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.
4200 NOVAX 10 Oil 300-420 ten 0.4 ten 2850 210x120h190 four To order
800000 NOVAX 14 Oil 600-900 14 0.6 ten 1450 230x120h190 five To order
998000 NOVAX 25 Oil 1800-2500 25 0.9 12 1450 250x120h150 8 To order
640,000 NOVAX 30 Oil 3000-5000 thirty 1.2 15 1450 310x150h210 eleven To order
740,000 NOVAX 50 M 11000-15000 fifty 3.0 20 1450 400x170h240 22 To order
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Mechanical seals
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