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BE-G 20 HP 0.6 and Marina G20 pumps of low productivity have gears. Gear Rover Pompe pump - released this product for pumping high density liquids.

The pumped-over liquids: vegetable oil of sunflower, flax, fuel, mineral oil, syrups and suspensions, sour cream, whey and emulsions.

It is used in enterprises processing raw materials for pharmacy, as oily herbal extracts, glycerin.

Due to the precise processing of the pump parts BE-G 20 HP 0.6 and Marina G20 - we get a very high quality and reliable. These pumps are equipped with the possibility of reversible connection (motor 220 V or 12 V) The pump works in two directions, which allows you to solve the problem of pumping liquids diverse nature

Article Model L / h D mm HP Hmax (m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.
981000 BE-G 20 HP 0.6 900 20 0.6 24 1450 230x120h190 6 To order
979000 BE-G 20 HP 0.8 1750 20 0.8 24 2850 230x120h190 7 To order
978000 MARINA 12V - G 20 1450 20 0.6 20 2750 250x120h150 7 To order
977000 MARINA 24V - G 20 1450 20 0.6 20 2750 250x120h150 7 To order
Iindustrial pumps
Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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