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In cold and hot water supply systems.

Booster pump Wilo-PB with built-in automatic pressure boosting cold water

  • automatic On /Off depending on water consumption
  • built-in thermal protection
  • built-in dry-running protection
  • low noise level

Performance charts

Диаграммы производительности



Advantages of the WILO-PB pump

  • The pump can be installed at the entrance to the system, or in front of gas or electric water heating equipment, in front of jacuzzi and showers, in front of washing machines or dishwashers.
  • The pump impeller is made of high quality polymer, which eliminates corrosion and damage pump mechanisms with salt deposits.
  • The pump does not require additional filtration equipment or water treatment.
  • A low-power motor does not overload the mains, it can operate with a voltage fluctuation of ± 10%.
  • Suction and discharge connections made of bronze.
  • Compact size, multiple mounting options.

Pump Specifications

Pump Max. Power, W] Installation length [mm] Connection Ø [mm] Max. head [m] The weight [kg]
PB-088EA 140 180 15/20 8 3.5
PB-200EA 340 220 15/20 15 8.0
PB-400EA 550 270 32 20 13.0
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