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Drainage pumps

Drainage pumps designed for pumping waste water containing solid and long-fiber particles. Drainage pumps are used to eliminate water accumulations formed during floods, abundant precipitation or other reasons.

Drainage pumps are able to almost completely pump out waste water. Some models leave water layer less than 3 mm.

Drainage pumps can work both in stationary and portable modes.

Drainage pumps in everyday life are used for:

  • drainage of flooded premises;
  • filling and emptying pools, baths, aquariums;
  • processing of household waste water;
  • water supply to garden fountains;
  • irrigation of gardens and vegetable gardens from the storage.

Drainage pumps in industry are used for:

  • pumping biologically lightly contaminated liquids;
  • pumping waste water;
  • pumping settled sewage water containing colloidal or oily substances;
  • pumping rain and filtration water;
  • pumping out industrial drains;
  • irrigation.

Wastewater drainage pumps "

Drainage pumps WQ
  • Consumption: from 10 to 300 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 7 to 35 m.
Drainage pumps WQK with cutting mechanism
  • Consumption: from 25 to 70 m³ / hour.
  • Head: from 7 to 10 m.
Wastewater drainage pumps RIGHT
  • Consumption: up to 18 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 9.5 m.
Drainage pumps Wilo-Drain MTS for wastewater disposal
  • Consumption: up to 16 m³ / hour.
  • Head: up to 39 m.

Drainage pumps for pumping clean or slightly contaminated water "

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