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Vacuum pumps

designed for suction and pumping of dry gas with temperatures up to 150 ° С and gases saturated with vapors, characterized in that their temperature does not exceed 100 ° C, with the possibility of using working fluids with viscosity up to 60 mm² /sec and density 800 - 1200 kg /m³, the temperature of the water at the outlet of the pump should not exceed 80 ° C. Hydro-Vacuum manufactures single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, PW series.<

PW series pumps

- pump and motor are mounted on a common support. The torque from the motor is transmitted to the impeller through the shaft, mounted in the bearings of the support and elastic coupling. This design makes the vacuum pump noticeably longer and heavier, but it significantly facilitates its maintenance when the pump needs to be disassembled or engine replacement. In addition, the pump is mounted on 2 supports (impeller between the bearings), which gives much longer service life of pumps than a monoblock (installed on the motor shaft or landing a worker wheels) PW1-12 - PW7-14 series liquid ring vacuum pumps are single stage vacuum pumps c productivity from 24 m³ /h to 1500 m³ /h and ultimate residual pressure up to 33 mbar.

Characteristics table

Model QR - Produce,
m³ /hour
PS - Pressure suction,
P is the power of the electric motor,
Dimensions (LxWxH),
The weight,

PW1.12 24.0 33 1.1 678x240x250 47.4
PW1.13 54.0 33 1.5 742x240x250 51.0
PW4.11 75.0 33 3.0 924x315x410 105.0
PW4.12 120.0 33 4.0 967x315x410 one21.0
PW4.13 190.0 33 5.5 1103x342x493 169.0
PW4.14 240.0 33 7.5 1143x342x493 190.0
PW5.12 315.0 33 11.0 one190x415x608 273.0
PW5.13 395.0 33 15.0 1277x415x608 300.0
PW5.14 460.0 33 15.0 one317x415x608 309.5
PW7.11 600.0 33 18.5 1925x640x735 777.0
PW7.12 800.0 33 30.0 2060x665x735 886.0
PW7.13 1150.0 33 37.0 2210x700x948 1171.0
PW7.14 1500.0 33 45.0 2390x750x948 1305.0

Scope of vacuum liquid ring pumps

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Textile industry
  • Filling centrifugal pumps and siphons
  • Brick and cement production
  • Foundry
  • Woodworking industry

Design features of vacuum liquid ring pumps Hydro-Vacuum

The pumps are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. All manufactured pumps are subject to comprehensive checks and tests at the company's benches. A wide range of materials used for manufacturing vacuum pumps

Cast iron bed. Completion of pumps with various types of sealing, depending on the needs of the client:

  • Soft cord seal No. 6498
  • Mechanical seal "ANGA" 43A1
  • Mechanical seal "Crane" 2100

Various options for the protective coating of the product

  • Standard
  • Special
  • Marine
  • Export tropic dry
  • Export tropic wet

Choice of delivery completeness

  • Pump with a free shaft end.
  • Pump with coupling.
  • Pump with coupling and base plate.
  • Completeness 3 plus electric motor.

Availability of spare parts even after decades of operation Warranty period 24 months

Table of operating parameters for single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps PW.1.12 - PW7.14

Таблица параметров работы одноступенчатых водокольцевых вакуумных насосов PW.1.12 - PW7.14

Regardless of the operating mode (PB or PZ), vacuum pumps must have a secure supply of working fluid in quantities given in the column of the operating mode PB. When used as a working fluid water, it is recommended to use chemically treated water to limit the amount of precipitation deposited on walls of the product. Precipitation leads to rapid wear of all jointly working rubbing elements of machines. It is recommended to use water with a hardness of about 40n for two-stage and about 80n for one-stage. vacuum pumps.

Vacuum interchangeability table VVN liquid ring pumps and PW vacuum pumps

Advantages of PW Hydro-Vacuum vacuum pumps in comparison with BBH vacuum pumps:
  • Possibility of using single-stage and two-stage vacuum pumps, depending on requirements technological process.
  • High vacuum level (up to 33 mbar.abs)
  • Possibility of completing with a reservoir selected for closed systems of working fluid supply (saving water)
  • Wide range of construction materials
  • Possibility of completing with various types of seals
  • Large range of vacuum pumps
  • Using electric motors with less power
  • Choice of delivery completeness
  • Full technical customer support
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