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Rotary gear pumps NRP Sh designed for pumping media with dynamic viscosity up to 8 Pa · s, density up to 1800 kg /m³ and temperature up to 100 ° С, by special order with temperature up to 150 ° C. The rotary vane pump is ideal for pumping viscous and highly viscous products in applications food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The pumps handle low to very high viscosity media and are the ideal choice for gentle pumping delicate various media such as: dairy products, yeast, fats, melas, sugar syrup, fruit juices, chocolate, blood products, enzymes, toothpaste, cosmetic creams, animal feed, solvents, suspensions, chemicals, etc.


  • In the confectionery industry for pumping chocolate, paste, cream, molasses
  • In the dairy industry for pumping sour cream, yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese, curd grains
  • In the processing industry for pumping stews, lecho, caviar, minced meat, sauces
  • In the cosmetic industry for pumping creams, soaps, shampoos, concentrates, etc.
  • In other industries


Pump rotors are sealed by mechanical seals
The rotary pump consists of two rotors rotating inside the case without touching each other. As the rotors rotate, the space between the pump casing and rotors are gradually filled with product, which moves in a certain volume to the discharge hole. The pumped product generates a continuous flow due to the verified tolerances between the rotors and housing, ensuring an efficient pumping process.

Pump type Feed, m³ / h Head, m Installed capacity el. dv.,
Overall dimensions, mm* Weight, kg*
L H B d
NRP Sh 0.2 /80 isp. 2 0.2 80 0.55 255 210 150 thirty 25
NRP Ш 4/80 isp. 2 four 80 3 265 210 130 40 fifty
NRP Ш 6/50 isp. 2 6 fifty 2.2 550 210 215 fifty 40
NRP Ш 10/40 isp. one ten 40 3-4 450 600 340 fifty one hundred
NRP Sh 20/40 isp. one 20 40 7.5 450 600 340 fifty one hundred

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