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Rover NOVAX-T pumps


Novax-T pumps are ideal for pumping food and food ingredients.

What do we recommend pumping with pumps of the NOVAX-T series? First of all, they are ideal for small private farms for pumping wine materials, juice, milk, drinking water, industrial water, syrups with a low concentration and a viscosity of not more than 30 cSt. Depending on the needs, this the pump is suitable for pumping emulsion, vinegar, lye and acid solutions.

The line of equipment has proven itself well as helpers for agriculture: the pump is suitable for pumping liquid fertilizers and urea-ammonia mixture in small concentrations, mixing and pumping of herbicides and disinfectants for agriculture.

Article Model L /h D mm HP W Hmax (m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.
280,000 NOVAX 25 T 2400 25 0.6 540 12 1450 230x120h190 6 To order
320,000 NOVAX 30 T 5000 thirty 1.0 720 15 1450 300x150h210 ten To order
970000 NOVAX 40 T 6500 40 1.2 800 15 1450 320x150h210 eleven To order
980000 NOVAX 50 T 15000 fifty 3.0 2100 25 1450 400x170h240 22 To order
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Iindustrial pumps
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Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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