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Diaphragm mini pump of the MidgetBox series

Pneumatic mini pump with two diaphragms MIDGETBOX

Main features of the pump MIDGETBOX

  • Max. pump capacity up to 5 l / min
  • Self-priming of liquid up to 3 m.
  • Free-flow operation
  • Pumping highly viscous liquids
  • Infinitely variable performance 0-100% by adjusting the air flow
  • Support for dry running
  • Acting as a barrel pump
  • Fire safety of the pump design without electric drive
  • Standard - ATEX certified II 3 /3G D IIB T 135 ° C (zone 2)
  • Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres - ATEX certification II 2 /2GD c IIB T 135 ° C (zone 1)
  • Full immersion in the pumped medium (on request)
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to maintain


Due to their simplicity, economy, reliability and relatively low cost, DEBEM diaphragm pumps (Italy) are used in many industries and are employed in many processes associated with aggressive, abrasive and highly viscous media. Ideal for the chemical industry for pumping and dosing of acids and alkalis, for the printing industry when pumping and dosing printing paints, water treatment when pumping and dosing reagents, chemicals and drugs in the following industries: heat power engineering, drinking water supply, agriculture, food and chemical industries, housing and communal services, beverage production, electroplating, etc.



Entry and exit holes G 1/4 "
Air inlet G 1/8 ”
Dry suction power 3m
Maximum power 5 l /min
Maximum head pressure 70 m
Maximum air supply pressure 7 bar
Maximum diameter of solid particles -
Execution material Polypropylene
Net weight 0.5KG

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Mechanical seals
Iindustrial pumpsIindustrial pumps
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