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Pumping unit Hydro MX for water and foam fire exti

Hydro MX


Hydro MX are complete pumping units for water and foam fire extinguishing. Hydro MX units meet the requirements of TU 4854-005-59379130-2006 and have fire safety certificate.

Hydro MX - automatic complete fire extinguishing installation. Comprises two vertical multistage CR pumps (working and spare), control cabinet MX, discharge and suction manifolds, shut-off and control valves, automation.

Hydro MX is certified and meets all requirements normative and technical documentation.

Hydro MX is available in four versions:

  • D001 - deluge water fire extinguishing system;
  • D002 - deluge foam fire extinguishing system;
  • S001 - sprinkler water fire extinguishing system;
  • S002 - foam sprinkler system
Technical characteristics
  • Flow rate up to 500 m3 /h
  • Head up to 150 m
Workers characteristics
Hydro MX
Areas application
Sprinkler and deluge water fire extinguishing systems, hydrant systems in residential buildings of various storeys, shops, production and warehouse premises, facilities cultural and social significance
  • Compact, ready-to-connect product consisting of pumps, frame, piping and fire control device (PPU)
  • Jockey pump control capability
  • Drain pump control capability
  • Possibility to control gate valves with an electric actuator (from 1 to 4 pieces)
  • Status /alarm signaling
  • Split base frame for easy installation
  • Signaling to turn off the pumps of the water supply group
  • System operation based on industrial controller
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