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WILO CronoNorm NL cantilever pumps



Cantilever pumps are multifunctional pumps suitable for use in a variety of conditions, requiring a reliable and inexpensive water supply. This type of pump has five main areas applications: Water supply, pressure boosting in industrial systems, pumping of technological liquids, HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), irrigation. Single stage low-pressure centrifugal pump with axial suction according to EN 733 and ISO 5199 standards, mounted on a base frame.


  • pressure: up to 145 m;
  • performance: up to 3000 m³ /hour;
  • pump housing and mounting the plates are made of EN-GJL-250 cast iron, and the impeller is made of cast iron or bronze;
  • maximum working pressure: 10 or 16 bar depending on the model;
  • temperature of the pumped-over medium: -10 ° C, max. + 120 ° C;
  • maximum ambient temperature Wednesday: + 40 ° С;
  • protection class: IP55;
  • seal:end seal or stuffing box.


  • NL - the name of the series;
  • 32 - diameter of the discharge pipe, DN;
  • /200- nominal diameter of the impeller, mm;
  • B - hydraulics version;
  • 0.75 -engine power, kW;
  • four - number of motor poles;
  • 05 -pump version.

Performance characteristics
Console property fields pumps at a frequency of n=2900 rpm

Диаграммы производительности

Performance characteristics
Console property fields pumps at a frequency of n=1450 rpm

Диаграммы производительности


  • For pumping clean or slightly contaminated water (max. 20 ppm) without solids for circulation, supply and pressure boosting tasks
  • For pumping water in heating systems in accordance with VDI 2035, water-glycol mixtures, cooling /cold and service water
  • For use in municipal water supply and irrigation systems, for buildings and structures, in general industries, power plants, etc.

Product Features / Benefits

  • Burgmann sliding mechanical seal with conical seal chamber
  • Branded shaft protection
  • SPM connections for vibration and temperature sensors
  • Shaft deflection according to DIN ISO 5199
  • Large ball bearing, permanently lubricated (2Z version)
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