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Iindustrial pumps
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MVI vertical high pressure pumps



  • stainless steel direct flow pump in-line execution;
  • standard three-phase motor V18 /V1;
  • temperature of the pumped medium: -15 ° C to + 120 ° C;
  • Max. working pressure: 16 bar and 25 bar;
  • optional steel quality: 1.4301 or 1.4404;
  • scope of delivery includes oval counter flanges (from Rp 1 to Rp 1 1/2) for PN16 version.


Wilo Multivert MVI- booster, non-self-priming, vertical centrifugal pump in-line constructions. Impellers, as well as all parts in contact with the pumped medium, are made of chrome-nickel steel. Direction of rotation independent, mechanical seal. Shafts of the motor and pump connected by a longitudinal spherical coupling. The rolling bearing in the lantern fully compensates axial hydraulic forces.

Standard three-phase or single-phase motor (max. Up to 1.5 kW), version V1 or V18. For motors three-phase current protection is required, single-phase current motors are equipped with built-in protection and capacitor. KTW /WRC approval for all plastic parts used. PN 16 design with oval flange and GG counter flange. Round flanges in PN 25 design.


Example:Wilo MVI 405

  • MVI - multistage, vertical, centrifugal pump with flange connection motor; all parts in contact with the medium made of INOX (stainless steel 1.4301);
  • four - nominal flow rate in m³ /hour (2 pole /50 Hz);
  • 05- number of steps.


  • water supply and pressure boosting;
  • fire extinguishing systems;
  • make-up;
  • industrial circulation systems;
  • technological processes;
  • cooling systems;
  • washing and watering machines.


Indicators at 50 Hz MVI 1 MVI 2 MVI 4 MVI 8 MVI 16 ..- 6
Max. innings, m³ /hour 3 four 8 16 25
Max. pressure, m 240 230 210 230 130

Indicators at 50 Hz MVI 16 MVI 32 MVI 52 MVI 70 MVI 95
Max. innings, m³/hour 25 fifty 70 one hundred 150
Max. pressure, m 240 220 180 172 160

Performance characteristics

Wilo-Multivert MVI 1/2/4/8/16 ..- 6

Рабочие характеристики Wilo-Multivert MVI 1/2/4/8/16..-6

Performance characteristics

Wilo-Multivert MVI 32/52/70/95

Рабочие характеристики Wilo-Multivert MVI 32/52/70/95

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