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Our company is a reliable and steadily growing company which has recommended itself as a team of professionals in the field of industrial equipment. Due to the significant scientific and technical potential, our experts will help you to resolve tasks of any complexity that relate to selection, design, delivery and installation of the equipment you need quickly.

We offer the equipment that meets all customer requirements

We have more than ten year experience in various branches of industry with equipment for industries that require durability and reliability (alcohol, food, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, water treatment, power system).

On our web-site PROM-NASOS.com.ua we represent a full range of pumping equipment, which is produced by the world and domestic manufacturers.

We offer the pumping equipment:

  • Centrifugal pumps (horizontal, vertical) with a capacity starting from that of ornamental fountain on your site up to the pumps for hydroelectric power plants;
  • "In-line" pumps for heating and water supply systems;
  • Submersible pumps;
  • Sanitary pumps;
  • Dosing pumps (Membrane, Plunger pumps);
  • Chemical pumps (polypropylene, Teflon, stainless steel);
  • Pneumatic pumps (can be used in potentially explosive areas)
  • Technological equipment (heat exchangers, valve trays, column packing).

Our clients are provided with high quality service, timely delivered equipment and professional assistance in selecting pumps.

PROM-NASOS.com.ua portal combines multiple brands that provide qualitative products and services for OOO “Riverst”. OOO “Riverst” also introduces Ukrainian market pumping equipment, quality of which is trusted by the customers of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 

OOO “Riverst” Brands and products

OOO “Riverst” is a pumping equipment supplier of the following companies: Wilo, SAER, Pedrollo, Ebara.

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Industrial pumps of OOO “Riverst”:

Насосы SM из нержавеющей стали

Насосы для отопления JL с фланцевым соединением

Насосы для отопления IRG из чугуна

Насосы для отопления IHG из нержавеющей стали

Насосы для систем отопления JLM

Повысительные насосы CDLF


Brands and Products of OOO “Etatron-Ukraine”

OOO “Etatron-Ukraine” is a representative of Italian plant manufacturing dosing technologies ETATRON D.S. in Ukraine. Company has won a good position and good reviews of their clients and customers in the Ukrainian market over the years of its activity.

OOO “Etatron-Ukraine” is a pumping equipment supplier of: Etatron, DEBEM companies.

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